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Our Cannabis-based
Medicines and Products

Our premium cannabinoid extracts available as of Summer 2021
We offer a wide range of Cannabis-based Medicines and Products manufactured in Germany

Eurox Pharma is manufacturing Cannabis-based Medicines and products in a state-of-the-art facility in Germany. We take great pride in our premium products, produced according to the highest German and EU pharmaceutical quality and safety standards, and backed by cutting-edge research. Together with our partners we have a global distribution network.

Our core team has a broad knowledge base and extensive experience of European and German quality requirements and safety compliance. We work closely together with regulators and scientific and technical experts to ensure that our operations and products meet the highest quality and safety standards.

In Germany Cannabis-based Medicines are subject to medical prescription due to their classification as narcotic medicines. This means that we as a manufacturer are not allowed to pass on any detailed information about our product portfolio, including pictures, to the general public. However, specialists and pharmacists are welcome to contact us for more detailed information.

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Cannabis-based Medicines and Products

Eurox Pharma manufactures a broad range of Cannabis-based Medicines and Products, including cannabinoid extracts and active pharmaceutical ingredients.

CBD Cosmetics and Food Supplements

Eurox Pharma produces cosmetics and food supplements with CBD.

Highest Quality and Safety Standards

We only use the highest quality plant materials from selected growers which have been extensively tested in accordance with European and German regulations.

Efficient and Reliable Services

We guarantee efficient and reliable services to all our partners. Our location in the heart of Europe, together with our well-established logistics system, allow us to ensure fast delivery across Europe.